Directions to Shaver Lake

From Southern California

Note: Google Maps recommends going via CA 168 but it becomes a very windy 2-lane road and is only 3 miles shorter.

From the San Francisco Bay Area

From the Central Coast

From Monterey

From Santa Cruz

From CA 152 East to Prather

Final Stretch - From the 4-Lane to Shaver Lake

By now you are now at the bottom of the famous "4-lane" and only 30 minutes from Shaver Lake. The "4-lane" rises 3000' from an elevation of 1800' to 4800' in just 8 miles. You are required to carry chains in your car during the winter. FYI, if there is any snow at the top of the "4-lane", there will definitely be snow at Granite Chalet!

At the top of the "4-lane" is Cressmans. It's only 6 miles further to the K & K (Century 21) office from here. The road gets windy at this point, so take it easy.

Check in at K & K (Century 21) office at 41441 Tollhouse Rd, on the right just before town. Call them on (800) 987-7368 for any assistance.